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Classic Character Claims (character_wants) is a community where you can claim any one of your favourite character from any classic film. By the meaning of "classic" I'll take claims generally from 1920's - 1960's, it has to stop in the 60's though! I do have a limit of characters you can claim but, scroll down to read more about it!

To claim a character you must be a member of this community. I'll allow you to claim up to six characters only, it's a good ammount in my opinion... As I said above it can only be a classic film from the 1920's - 1960's. If someone claimed a character you might have wanted, wait and see if perhaps that person is letting that character up for adoption, I'll keep an eye out for you and have both a claims list and adoption list. To make a character claim, just post an entry to this community journal specifying the name and film the character is from, it's that simple!

Promoting is okay, just try to let it relate to this community. If you like this community, you might like to look at these ones as well!

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To link to character_wants you may use this banner! (Hotlinking is on OK!)

I thank classic_100 for having there community to give me the idea of creating this one, and for their ideas on the general idea of what to put in the community profile!;)

Thanks to The Gimp for the wonderful graphics created by me with The Gimp program for me to use.

After you've got your character claimed, take one of these banners and pop it in your profile. Just fill in the blanks (____) in the code!